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Criminal Law in Orlando, FL

After you've been arrested for violating an Orlando, FL, criminal law, you may want to discuss your options with an attorney at The Mangrum Law Firm. Our attorney can explain the charges that are pending against you and determine a strategy that may minimize the ramifications that you're facing.

Schedule Now and Protect Your Rights

We can serve as your legal advocate, and we'll work to present your case in a favorable light. In an effort to have your charges reduced, we can negotiate directly with the prosecutor who is in charge of your case. We may be able to have some of your charges dropped or get your case dismissed in its entirety. When you have a court date, our attorney can be at your side and speak on your behalf.

To address your matters as soon as possible, The Mangrum Law Firm is available seven days a week. We provide personalized and attentive representation to every client. If you have questions about an Orlando, FL, criminal law, call us and find a good time to discuss your concerns with our attorney.